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Spellbound by fantastic feedback

13.11.2012 15.46
About a week ago a dear friend of mine said something really beautiful to me. It must have been one of the most beautiful things anyone had ever said to me. I was totally speechless, I would never have expected such a feedback, let alone coming from another woman! I thanked her and the rest of the evening passed by feeling those words in my head.

The next day I was in a fantastic mood. At work I felt happier than usual, it’s amazing how a good feedback can carry you a long way! I felt phenomenal the whole day and my work proceeded with very little effort. I started thinking what if this week I would try to be extra friendly to the people who come my way, smile more than usual and say nice things.

That little experiment turned out to be quite effortless as I was in such a good mood all week that the smiles and friendly words came out naturally. The consequence was that also I received an incredible amount of good feedback and smiles from people and I was feeling better and better. By the end of the week I was thinking I have to make a new way of living out of this.

With a sincere good feedback you can catch people’s attention and you might also start a chain reaction; if you make someone happy by giving this person good feedback, he/she might then be nicer towards other people etc. So in the best case scenario, if I say something nice to one person, my action may have a positive effect on many people’s day. Just as if I treated someone badly, I might start a chain reaction that could have a miserable effect on various people’s day. Just like the law of attraction says; in life you get more of the exact things that you focus on, whether they are good or bad.

After this fantastic week it was easy for me to decide I want to concentrate more on saying positive things to people who come my way. It would be wonderful also to start gossiping good things about people, what do you think?

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